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They say each additional language that you speak is like additional life. So are programs.
If you like this humble application, you may help it to live one life more. Just take a keyboard, open "english.lng" file which comes with program (or download another one here) and start to translate.
At one time for my other application - PNotes - I created a smal help program: PNTranslator. It requires .NET Framework 2.0 and can be easily used for translation ATPad language files as well, because they have the same structure.
PNTranslator can deal with language ID, required by translation format, but if you prefer to make the translation by yourself, all needed IDs can be found here.
That's all - save the file as Unicode and send it to me.
And finally - if you find any gap in existing translation, or translation is too old (you know, translators have the habit of disappearing) - DO NOT hesitate, send your own version of translation.

Version 2.0
Chinese (smp)Libeey
DutchNartan Sijbrandij
FrenchPierre Grégoire
GermanAndreas Franz Schubach
HebrewRan Lerner
Hellenic (Greek)Pavlos S. Kotronakis
ItalianGiacomo Margarito
LatvianEdmunds Melkers
Portuguese (br)Cpt.Guapo
RomanianAlexandru Bogdan Munteanu
RussianAndrey Gruber
SpanishJuan Cruz Ruiz de Gauna

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